Boston Marathon runner Kevin Powers

Kevin Powers is one of six people running the 2014 Boston Marathon who have pledged to raise $4,500 or more for the nonprofit programs at Ironstone Farm. A few weeks before the big race, he visited the farm.

Kevin Powers with marathon singlet at IronstoneKevin Powers

Easton, Mass.

Pledged to raise $8,500

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Everyone has a reason for running the Boston Marathon. Kevin Powers has many, including:

Friends of his wife and his were severely injured in last year’s bombings.

He’s done it before, loves the race and wants to see it be bigger and better than ever.

His decision could raise five figures for the nonprofit programs at Ironstone Farm, benefitting a friend’s child.

“I just had this fire that I really wanted to do it after last year,” said Kevin, “and being able to raise money for a great cause makes it very special. As you can tell, it’s not just another race or another experience.”

Kevin’s wife knows two women who were injured by the bombings. One woman’s ear drums were damaged, resulting in significant hearing loss. The other woman lost her right leg. They’ve both been given lots of support and there’s been “a ton of fundraising” Kevin said. That has inspired him.

“In the midst of one of the worst things to happen at such a great event, it’s turned out to have some positives, once you look beyond the horrors. The additional fundraising, the way that the city — and the world — came together has been awesome.”

When Kevin heard about the opportunity to run the 2014 marathon for Ironstone Farm, he was eager. Kevin ran the marathon in 2011 and 2012, but was not able to get a number last year. He remembers his two races he did run fondly.

“The first year I was amazed. I can’t believe the amount of people who come out and support you,” he said. “The second year, there were people with coolers full of their own personal facecloths because it was so hot.

[caption id="attachment_1595" align="alignright" width="300"]Kevin Powers and his family enjoyed a recent tour of Ironstone Farm. Kevin Powers and his family enjoyed a recent tour of Ironstone Farm.[/caption]

“My biggest fear was the 2014 race wouldn’t be what it was in the past. It’s such a special, electric atmosphere. I didn’t want that to be damaged by the foolish acts of people who had bad intentions. I think this year obviously will be emotional, but absolutely an incredible experience,” he said.

Kevin, his wife Nicole and his two children came to Ironstone Farm for the first time this spring to see the work done there. Ironstone’s nonprofit programs provide therapy for children with special needs, veterans with post-traumatic stress, survivors of cancer and others.

The Powers family have friends whose child comes to Ironstone. Kevin says the work he saw at Ironstone will inspire him during his final training, and especially on race day.

“You do the training and hopefully you get your body physically ready to endure it. When you get down to it, the mental part is still more than half of the battle. To have Ironstone and seeing what you guys do — running the 26.2 miles is the easy part,” said Kevin. “Just being here and seeing the family atmosphere and seeing the capabilities, the results and effects of what Ironstone does for the kids and adults, the veterans – that definitely helps get you through those tough miles.”

Kevin is glad for the experience and recommends that anyone running the marathon consider also doing it to support Ironstone.

“Through the training you get to see whole new sides of you. It lets you de-stress. It lets you clear your head. When you’re out there two to three hours, you learn about yourself,” he said. “If you’re going to run the race anyway, you might as well do it for such a great cause.”

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Kevin Powers is one of six people running the Boston Marathon for the nonprofit programs at Ironstone Farm in Andover and pledging to raise at least $4,500. The other runners are: Eric Strand, Jill Lang, Peter Pedro, Mariah Hyslip and Mike Rogers. Donate to their efforts by clicking on their names.

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