Challenge Unlimited Board of Trustees

The 2016-17 members of the Challenge Unlimited, Inc. Board of Trustees are:

Michael Breda, chairman

Christopher Bade

Victoria Bernard

Larry Cochran

Carol Duncan

Jeff Hall

Nancy Greeley

Angela Ortiz

Antonio Mendieta

Rajeev Nadkarni

Mary Elizabeth O’Brien

David Pierre

Matthew Santangelo

Peter Volonino

NOTE: Thank you to longtime board members James Alex, Rodolfo “Rudy” Baez and Patrick Leyne, whose terms ended in 2016. Their involvement and continued support of Ironstone Farm’s work is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Four long-time members of the Board of Trustees moved to our Advisory Board as of the June 2015 annual meeting. We thank for their incredible service as trustees: David Sollars, former president and chairman;
Thomas Mullen; Diane Sollars; and Nancy Angell.

Our Affiliates

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