Your donations help Ironstone Farm make a world of difference. Working hard, Ayla Ortiz is able to sit up during her therapy sessions at Ironstone Farm. READ AYLA'S STORY.
Your donations help Ironstone Farm make a world of difference. Working hard, Ayla Ortiz is able to sit up during her therapy sessions at Ironstone Farm. READ AYLA’S STORY.


There are many ways we receive support from individuals and many ways you can donate to the programs of Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm. For more information about any of the donation options listed below, call the farm at 978-475-4056.

Gifts of cash

Donations may be made by calling Ironstone Farm at 978-475-4056 to make a credit card donation by telephone; or mail a credit card donation or check payable to: Challenge Unlimited.
For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Run a Race as a Fundraiser

Run a race, such as the Ironstone Derby, and ask people to donate to Challenge Unlimited on your behalf.
CREATE A DERBY PAGE (through causevox)

Create a Fundraising Page or Donate to Someone Doing an Ironstone Fundraiser

CREATE A FUNDRAISING PAGE (through causevox)

Sponsor a Child

You can sponsor a child, allowing them to receive therapy at Ironstone Farm.

The cost to sponsor a child for one year of therapy is $2,500. A pledge in this amount can be paid all at once or over 10 monthly payments of $250. Family members, friends, co-workers or other groups of people can also get together and pitch in to pay for a year.

Donations in any amount are appreciated.

Click for a brick

Want to honor a loved one? Remember a hero? Support Ironstone Farm and further improve its life-changing, nonprofit work?

All it takes is a brick.

By buying a brick laser-engraved with your own message, you can aid Ironstone Farm in its multi-million-dollar campaign to do more. The money will further improve and expand what Ironstone can do. Visit ironstonebrick.org to learn more.

Donation of appreciated securities

A gift of stock can be donated electronically by contacting your broker and giving a written request with delivery instructions. For information on how to transfer stock to help Ironstone Farm, call us at 978-475-4056.

Doug and Diana Berthiaume this fall gave a generous matching donation this fall to help extend Ironstone Farm's programs and reach. They will match any individual donation of $5,000 or more, up to a total of $500,000. To learn more about the match, click here.
Doug and Diana Berthiaume gave a generous matching donation in the fall of 2013 to help extend Ironstone Farm’s programs and reach. They agreed to match any individual donation of $5,000 or more, up to a total of $500,000. The match was met in 8 months. To learn more, click here.

Matching gifts

Many companies have matching gift policies that may double contributions to nonprofits made by their employees. Your company’s human resources department should be able to provide the necessary information and matching-gift form.

Life insurance or IRA

Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm may be named as the principal beneficiary of your insurance policy, or ownership of the policy may be transferred to Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm. You also can designate Challenge Unlimited as a beneficiary of your Individualized Retirement Account (IRA).

Tribute/memorial gifts

Contribute to Challenge Unlimited to honor someone, to celebrate a special occasion, or as an expression of sympathy in memory of a loved one with a tax-deductible contribution.

Those who chose to give a tribute or memorial gift of $5,000 or more can be given a beautiful wrought iron and wood bench with a bronze plaque that can include the dedication of their choice. This commemorative bench will be placed in our large indoor arena.

Give horse-riding and Ironstone products as a gift

Not only will your recipient receive a great gift, but your purchase will support Ironstone Farm’s programs.
Click here for some gift ideas, from horse-riding lessons to stickers with pictures of Ironstone’s horses.

Traditional healing. More horsepower.

Ironstone Farm is home to Challenge Unlimited, Inc. (est 1983) and Ironstone Therapy, Inc. (est. 1998), two nonprofit organizations established to provide a variety of services for people with and without disabilities. Both organizations use horses and the wholesome environment of a working farm, while involving people in serving others through volunteering.