Equine Exposure

The signature program of the Arts & Education Center,


combines expressive arts with interactions with the horses and the working farm.

Ironstone Farm’s new program for young people with special needs, ages 10 to 22

Meet the horses. Create art projects. Be inspired.


Equine Exposure is a new initiative of the award-winning Andover nonprofit Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm. Interacting with horses and participating in the arts teach similar skills such as:


• creative thinking

• problem solving

• non-verbal communication

• leadership

Equine Exposure uniquely combines both activities into a seamless program specifically designed for small groups of people between the ages of 10 and 22 with moderate to high functioning developmental or intellectual disabilities or behavioral challenges.

Students will:

• observe up to 35 horses in their natural environment

• explore hands-on activities that can include grooming, tacking or leading the horse

• create individual works of art including painted canvases, small sculptures or murals

Friday, August 21, 2015 182

 The 2.5- to 3-hour program is easily adapted to accommodate different developmental needs or behaviors.

NOTE: Equine Exposure is an unmounted program. There is no actual horseback riding.

Contact Ironstone Farm’s Arts & Education Center for rates and scheduling, or to register your school group.

Arts & Education Center
at Ironstone Farm

448 Lowell St. (Route 133), Andover, MA 01810

978-475-4056 Ext. 30

Director: Rebecca Allen

Email: rebeccaallen@challengeunlimited.org

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