David Sollars

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David Sollars
Advisory Board member
Challenge Unlimited Board of Trustees president and chairman, 2004-2015

David joined the farm’s Advisory Board in 2000, and by 2002 had been named to the Board of Trustees of Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm.

[caption id="attachment_703" align="alignright" width="300"]Click to watch a brief video of Dave talking to a mother and grandmother  about what Ironstone Farm's therapy has meant to their little girl. Dave helped create a 2012 barbecue and bluegrass event at the farm. Click for a brief video of Dave talking that day to a mother and grandmother about Ironstone Farm’s impact.[/caption]

After serving as chairman of the Board of Trustees for more than a decade, from 2004 to 2015, he returned to the Advisory Board at the 2015 Challenge Unlimited annual meeting.

“Since our first visit to Ironstone Farm over a decade ago, my wife and I have been consistently inspired by the liberating success stories, the growing number of medical and business collaborations, and the culture of deep caring that permeates the talented staff and volunteers. We have witnessed the tangible value built from investments of time and resources that have enabled Ironstone Farm to greatly increase their life-changing impact on so many families’ lives,” he says.

David is always looking to connect new people with Ironstone Farm and its programs.

“I encourage you to visit. Soak in the experience of watching challenges overcome. Hear the laughter of children as they break through seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Feel the joy of becoming their champion – as we have – by giving your support to this unique gem in our community,” he says.

Professional profile
David is a published author and contributor to numerous books and peer-reviewed journal articles. He is a senior editor for one of the nation’s leading evidence-based research institutes in the emerging field of integrative medicine and is a frequent contributor and diplomat for the American Institute for Stress.

David has served others during 29 years as a medical provider, adjunct college professor, chairman of the board for regional nonprofits, coach and consultant to corporate leaders. During his work he says he has “developed a curious mindset and a habit of diagnostic listening that searches for high impact leverage points.”

His extensive experience in design and delivery of executive education includes university affiliations at Harvard, Tufts, Wharton, MIT and Merrimack College, as well as affiliations with industry leaders such as Unilever, Honda of America, Parker Hannafin and Philips International. David brings, in his words, a diverse world of experiences to helping people discover practical solutions through developing their own personal leadership.

David has been a coach and consultant to senior executives for over 25 years, in the focus areas of performance and wellness. He is certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and executive coach.

David holds a master’s degree from the New England School of Acupuncture and a bachelor’s degree from the actor’s studio program at Wright State University.


[caption id="attachment_749" align="alignleft" width="300"]Husband and wife David and Diane Sollars at a Spirit of Giving Gala, Ironstone Farm's largest annual fundraising event. Husband and wife David and Diane Sollars at a Spirit of Giving Gala, Ironstone Farm’s largest annual fundraising event.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_694" align="alignright" width="300"]Dave and his granddaughter Sophie pose with Santa at the 2013 Ironstone Farm Breakfast with Santa. Many people use photos from the free event to create picturesque holiday cards. Dave and his granddaughter Sophie (atop Ben the horse) pose with Santa at the 2013 Ironstone Farm Breakfast with Santa. People use photos from the free event to create picturesque holiday cards.[/caption]

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