Ironstone Impact: Ayla’s story

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‘Ironstone Farm is a place that makes things happen. It restores hope.’

– Angela Ortiz

[caption id="attachment_2392" align="alignright" width="548"]Working hard, Ayla Ortiz is able to sit up during her therapy sessions at Ironstone Farm. Working hard, Ayla Ortiz is able to sit up during her therapy sessions at Ironstone Farm.[/caption]

A note from mom Angela Ortiz: I write this to ask if you will consider a contribution in any amount to Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm. Please look at the photo and learn below why this request is so important to me.

I am the proud mom of an 18-month-old girl named Alya who, from the moment she came into this world, has fought to breathe. The look in her eyes and the grip of her tiny hand around my finger after heart surgery at just three days old was that of a fighter!

Alya has Townes Brock Syndrome and with it came her heart condition, cleft palate, kidney abnormality, low vision, hearing loss, developmental delay and low muscle tone. Alya has a team of 15 doctors and 12 therapists overseeing her complex needs.
Her days are exhausting but she pushes through motivated by her twin sister and biggest fan, Sierra. Prior to starting Equine Assisted Therapy in September at Ironstone Farm, Alya was getting more traditional therapy twice a week. At the time, she could barely hold her head up, and she didn’t have any core trunk control. It was painful watching the lack of any significant progress, but more painful hearing Alya cry in distress each session.

‘Of all her multiple therapies, [Ironstone Farm’s] is the most effective 30 minutes of the week. She can now hold up her head and look at her sister.’

All of this changed almost miraculously when Alya was given the opportunity to receive Equine Assisted Therapy at Ironstone Farm three months ago. Her sessions are intense and it is the hardest I have ever seen Alya work. Instead of tears there are smiles of joy and accomplishment. Simply put, it works. Of all her multiple therapies, it is the most effective 30 minutes of the week. She now can sit for two minutes on her own, and hold her head up and look at her sister.

Ironstone Farm is a place that epitomizes progress and maximizing potential. It is a place that makes things happen. It restores hope and opens the door to new possibilities. It does this not only for children with special needs like my Alya, but also combat veterans who have experienced trauma, cancer survivors, elders with memory issues, at-risk teens and special needs children seeking adoptions.

Your gift will insure that Ironstone Farm is able to continue to keep its highly talented and compassionate professional staff, maintain and upgrade the facilities and acquire the horses needed for this exceptional and results-driven therapeutic program.

Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm is a nonprofit organization and all donations are deductible to the extent provided by law.

On behalf of all the parents, families and clients to whom Ironstone Farm provides life-changing experiences yearly, I truly thank you.

Angela Ortiz


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