Jason Abernathy ran 50 miles before Boston Marathon 2015

He ran 50 miles before the marathon even started

Jason Abernathy ran Boston to support nonprofit’s work for kids

When Jason Abernathy stepped to the starting line of the Boston Marathon in April 2015, he was already in the home stretch.
Abernathy took on a 76.2-mile challenge of his own making. He ran a 50-mile trail race over Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas on Saturday, April 18, in a time of 12 hours and 7 minutes and then flew to Boston on Sunday to tackle the Boston Marathon on Monday with very sore legs. Even so, he beat his goal, finishing Boston in under four hours.
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[caption id="attachment_2815" align="alignright" width="225"]Jason Abernathy (left) with his running partner Ronnie Daniel. Jason Abernathy (left) with his running partner Ronnie Daniel at the 50-mile trail run he completed before the Boston Marathon.[/caption]

Abernathy climbed both boulder fields in Arkansas and Heartbreak Hill in Boston to raise money to help children with special needs receive therapy at Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm in Andover, Mass. Ironstone Farm uses the power of horseback riding to deliver several effective therapies in one program.
“I’ve never run 50 miles and then a day later done a marathon,” he said before beginning the challenge. “I’ll cross the line and it will be something I’ll always remember. If I could borrow one of [Ironstone’s] horses that would make it a lot easier.”
Abernathy says he connects with what Ironstone is doing because of his own history with horses. He has relatives who have benefitted from their interactions with the animals. As a child, he had a horse and his mom still owns several horses.
“The way I felt being around horses – the power of their spirit and the aura they give off – I can definitely see how horses helps children who need therapy. I was thinking about the 400 children who are helped each week and about how many don’t live in the country. For those living in the city, this is their only chance to interact with a horse.”
Ironstone Farm uses 200 volunteers a week in addition to its professionals to provide therapeutic programs to its clients. Top doctors and medical professionals refer people who can benefit, including those on the autism spectrum.
Thinking about these children while he ran helped him succeed, says Abernathy. “Numerous times during the Ouachita Trail 50-Miler I wanted to give up. It was one of the toughest runs I have ever done. Each time this feeling would creep in. I would think about all the kids who will benefit at Ironstone Farm from what I am doing with the help of my generous donors, and push through the pain.
“Knowing you’re running for a cause and raising money for kids who depend on what you do, I feel there’s a higher power that’s watching over me and I’m counting on that to get me to the finish line in Boston,” he said before the marathon.
Abernathy did his first Ultra Marathon in 1994 and his first of five Ironman Triathlons in 2009 and completed the ArkansasTraveller 100-mile ultra endurance run. He says he enters almost a meditative state, focused just on putting one foot in front of the other.
The day after his success in Boston, he visited Ironstone Farm and met with some of the people who will benefit from his effort.
To donate to Ironstone Farm on behalf of Jason Abernathy visit https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/JasonAbernathy/2015-boston-marathon-for-ironstone-farm
Donate on Jason’s fundraising page

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