Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm, 450 Lowell St., Andover, Massachusetts 01810


Ironstone Farm

Ironstone Farm is home to two nonprofit organizations.


Challenge Unlimited, Inc. was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 1983. 

Ironstone Therapy was incorporated in 1998.




Challenge Unlimited Inc.

Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm is governed by a Board of Trustees and managed daily by an executive director and a full-time and part-time team. The full board meets every other month, with an Executive Board and standing committee meetings monthly, or more often as needed. Each committee reports to the full board. In addition, Challenge Unlimited receives support from an Advisory Council that joins the Board of Trustees for an annual meeting (in early June) where audited financial statements for the previous year are presented. The IRS Form 990, which includes the MA Attorney General A/R form and the Mass. Form PC, is also made available for review.

Ironstone therapy

Ironstone Farm is also home to Ironstone Therapy, a non-profit affiliate of Challenge Unlimited that employs licensed professional physical and occupational therapists and works under a management agreement for the use of Challenge Unlimited’s horses, facility and staff expertise. The administrative and professional teams of both organizations work together to best address the needs of each individual.