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Ironstone Farm

Therapy with more horsepower

Therapy with more horsepower

Therapy with more horsepowerTherapy with more horsepower

Therapeutic Riding


Riding a horse simulates people’s normal walking movements, encouraging strengthened trunk control, improved balance and coordination, normalized muscle tone and increased stamina.

Recreational Riding


Through recreational riding participants of all abilities learn how to care for, communicate with and ride horses in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Ironstone Therapy


A nonprofit affiliate of Challenge Unlimited, Ironstone Therapy employs licensed professional physical and occupational therapists who provide therapeutic intervention for our clients. 

Veterans experience


Veterans who have experienced trauma and anxiety indicate Ironstone Farm's Veterans Experience has been better therapy for them than anything else they’ve attempted since returning from combat. 

Summer Camp


Summer camp provides youth ages 7 to 15 with a fun, safe and educational environment. They learn basic horsemanship skills and enjoy their camp experience with new friends.

Cancer Retreats


One-day retreats for cancer survivors, using the power of horses to remind survivors of their own strength. The retreats are open to men and women who have, or had, a cancer diagnosis. 

Recovery retreats


One-day retreats for individuals in recovery, using the power of horses to help people discover their inner strength. The retreats are open to both men and women.

Early intervention


Children are referred to Ironstone Therapy as young as nine months of age so they can get the beneficial movement of the horse at a critical stage of development. 

on-site training


Ironstone Farm offers a variety of on-site training opportunities through the Horsemanship, Instructor Apprentice, International Internship, Volunteer and Working Student programs.